About the 2019 CEO Conference

More than ever, cities and communities are playing an even more strategic role for humanity which is shaping our world today. And while cities generate most of the world’s GDP, they also use most of the natural resources of the planet. Over the next few decades, the continuing urbanization and population growth is projected to add two billion people to the cities. All regions are expected to urbanize further, especially in Asia and the Pacific where the fastest growing megacities are located. This, according to the World Economic Forum, would be equivalent to creating a city the size of London or San Francisco every month over the next two decades, a development that will press cities to harness digital technologies to reshape communities to make them healthier, more efficient, connected, accessible, livable, and sustainable for their residents. In short, cities that are said to be prepared for the future.

With the theme "Energized Countries. Empowered Communities.", the AESIEAP CEO Conference 2019 provided a platform to create synergies and partnerships and to leverage the collective strength of all stakeholders towards energized countries and empowered communities. This served as a venue to share best practices and solutions, and advocate for creating sustainable and socially-inclusive cities and communities that can only be achieved through greater synergy, smart technologies, and scalable solutions.

The 3-part Executive Talks discussed the “Role of Governments and Businesses in Shaping a Sustainable Energy Future”, which aimed to provide leading organizations with tips ranging from making sustainable decisions to setting a roadmap in achieving sustainable growth for the businesses and communities they serve. The first executive talk was entitled “Leading the Future of Sustainability through Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)” by Mr. Eric Hespenheidi, Chairman of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). It was followed by a keynote from Dr. Peter Green, Deputy Laboratory Director for Science and Technology of National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL). Dr. Green discussed “Achieving Sustainable Growth through Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Technologies”. Wrapping up the executive talk was a discussion on the “Research on the Asia Energy Interconnection” by Ms. Li Juan, Deputy Director-General, Economic and Technology Research Institute of Global Energy Interconnections Development and Collaboration Organization (GEIDCO).

We also got points-of-view from CEOs of top electric power utilities on the “New Energy Future: Enabling Socially-Inclusive and Sustainable Cities and Communities”, in the first panel discussion. We learned how these companies provide the accessible, reliable, resilient and sustainable power supply that is the core of the cities of the future. We heard success stories straight from these business leaders on how they successfully rolled out smart and sustainable city projects and solutions.

Technology and digitalization will continue to revolutionize how our cities and communities are powered. Greater connectivity is changing the way we power our metropolis from home devices to large-scale infrastructure— all with a view to improving the quality of life for all. With this tech revolution, technology companies are gearing up their energy solutions like renewable energy, energy storage and microgrids to be more scalable and yet sustainable. All these were the center of the second panel discussion, "Enabling Socially-inclusive and Sustainable Cities and Communities through Technology and Digitalization”, among industry experts from renowned global energy companies.

Cities of today and the future will continue to demand huge amounts of energy resources to support economic growth and an improved quality of life. This will open up a new era for the power and energy industry which centers on ‘forward-thinking cities and communities’.



The highlights of the programme were:

  • Keynote Addresses
  • Panel Discussions
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Event
  • Executive Council Meeting

To build on the agenda of advanced technologies and innovation, and synergy among industry players in creating the highest value of societal impact to communities, the CEO Conference 2019 Keynote Addresses featured the following topics:

  • Leading the Future of Sustainability in the Power and Energy Industry
  • Achieving Sustainable Growth through Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Technologies
  • Asia Energy Interconnection



Chairman of the Board of Directors
Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)

Topic: “Leading the Future of Sustainability through the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)”


Deputy Laboratory Director for Science and Technology
National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)

Topic: “Achieving Sustainable Growth through Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Technologies”


Deputy Director General of the Economic and Technology Research Institute, Global Energy Interconnections Development and Collaboration Organization (GEIDCO)

Topic: "Research on Asia Energy Interconnection”


Panel Discussion 1:

CEO's Point of View: The New Energy Future Enabling Socially Inclusive and Sustainable Cities and Communities

Wen Shugang

Chairman, China Huadian

Amir Hamzah Azizan

President and CEO, Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB)

Ray C. Espinosa

President and CEO, MERALCO

Hiroshi Okamoto

Executive Vice President,
Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) Power Grid, Inc.

Panel Discussion 2:

Tech Talks: Enabling Socially-inclusive and Sustainable Cities and Communities through Technology and Digitalization

Sim Kwong Mian

Chairman, Singapore Power (SP) Engineering Council

Ariel C. Ong

President, First Philec

Allan Connolly

Group President, Hubbell Power Systems, Inc. (HPS)

Fuad Siddiqui

Senior Partner, Nokia Bell Labs

AESIEAP School Electrification Initiative

Power industry leaders joined hands to bring sustainable electricity and learning technology to far-flung communities.

More than a thousand public schools in some of the farthest island and mountain communities in the Philippines remain without access to power. Situated mostly hundreds of kilometers from the grid, energizing these schools and the communities around them is a tough challenge.

Consequently, students and teachers in these schools aren’t able to enjoy the benefits of electricity experienced by the rest of the energized world. Without power, teachers are stuck with traditional pedagogy, while students do not have first-hand experience with technology, unable to develop the skills necessary to prepare them for the 21st Century workplace.

This technological divide inspired the school electrification program of One Meralco Foundation (OMF), the corporate social development arm of the Manila Electric Company (MERALCO). It seeks to power up off-grid schools through solar photovoltaic (PV) technology.

Starting in 2011 with six pilot schools on Verde Island, Batangas, the program has since expanded far and beyond Meralco’s electric distribution area. By the end of 2018, it has installed up to 2-kilowatt peak solar PV systems in 225 schools nationwide.

As advocacy partner for the AESIEAP CEO Conference 2019 in the Philippines, One Meralco Foundation opened an opportunity for AESIEAP members to take part in its advocacy. It launched a campaign to raise funds to energize at least six (6) more schools. As of press time, the foundation has already received more than USD40,000.00 worth of donations and pledges from 11 companies. This will benefit at least 10 schools, some of which have already begun their journey towards an energized future.

In recognition of the valuable contribution of its donors, a lighting ceremony was held during the closing program of the conference. Representatives from participating companies joined the beneficiaries (teachers and students) on stage to ceremonially “switch on” the partnership that will finally bring electricity and technology to their schools.

One Meralco Foundation remains committed to helping ensure that no Filipino child is left in the dark. It also keeps its doors open to those who might want to share the mission of “spreading the light” to communities that need it the most.

To find out more about the school electrification program or to express your support by making a pledge/donation, visit the One Meralco Foundation website at www.onemeralcofoundation.org/aesieap2019.




In the light of developments on COVID-19,
the AESIEAP Executive Committee and Council has decided to postpone CEPSI 2020,
initially scheduled on November 30 to December 4, 2020 at Marriott Hotel Manila, to a date still to be determined in 2021.
The Conference will still be held in the Philippines. We will continue to monitor developments on COVID-19 and post updates on CEPSI 2021
soonest these are available.